3T Strada - What do You Think ?


Saturday, October 28, 2017

What do you think of the new 3T Strada?

Only one chainring which 3T claim is more aerodynamic but you sacrifice some top end gearing.

3T claim that 2 x 11 speed only provides 14 unique gear ratios whilst adding drag & weight. Is our obsession for higher number of gears really needed?

Warning : boring gear ratio paragraph, but bear with me. With a 44t chainring and an 11-40t cassette the gear ratios range from 1.1 - 4.0. A semi compact 52-36t with an 11-28 cassette the range is 1.3- 4.7. Using a compact 34t chainring with a 30t cassette will lower the gear ratio to 1.1. The top end 4.0 ratio of the strada is equivalent to a 52t chainring with a 13t sprocket. Let's face it, how many recreational cyclists us their 52:11 gearing???

Other innovations 3T claim for the Strada are;

- wider tyre clearance to increase comfort and aerodynamics
- more aerodynamic tubing design
- bottle cage position hides the bottles from the airflow

Read about the 3T below with the link to their website and a first ride review from Bike Radar