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  • CO2 valve
    CO2 valveCO2 valve

    CO2 valve

    Save time at the side of the road pumping up new inner tubes with a hand pump.  Pump your tyre up in seconds with a CO2 inflator. 

    The contents of this item are a high quality, durable, flow controlled CO2 valve and foam holder for the CO2 cartridges.  Buy your CO2 cartridges in bulk from other suppliers, saving you money.

    • Very small & lightweight.  This inflator plus 1 or 2 CO2 cartridges can be easily taken on a ride.
    • Controllable flow valves makes inflation easier and allows you to control how much you inflate your inner tube.

    Item Contents

    1 x CO2 inflator

    Instructions for use

    1. Insert new inner tube into the tyre and seat the tyre on the wheel as normal
    2. Ensure the CO2 inflator is turned to the “Closed” position
    3. Insert the CO2 cartridge (sold separately) into the foam protector (sold separately)
    4. Screw the CO2 cartridge into the end of the CO2 inflator making sure it is fully inserted
    5. Open the presta valve on the inner tube
    6. Screw the gold connector onto the presta or schrader valve
    7. Caution : only hold the CO2 cartridge with a foam holder (sold separately) as during inflation it gets very cold and could damage your skin
    8. Turn the valve into the “Open” position until the tyre has inflated sufficiently
    9. Note : Please choose an appropriate size CO2 cartridge for the inner tube size you are inflating and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions

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