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    ACT Pump

    It’s cold, it’s wet and you’ve got a flat tyre.  At times like this it’s essential to minimise time at the side of the road inflating a flat tyre. This great little mini-pump will get your tyre up to riding pressure and get you on your way in no time. 

    At 195mm long and a 22mm diameter barrel, the pump is small enough to fit in a medium saddle bag or your jersey back pocket.  If you prefer frame fitting, then the package also includes a bracket that fits behind your water bottle cage.

    The threaded end of the hose creates an efficient seal on the valve, making sure more of the air actually goes into the inner tube.  The hose fits both Presta and Schrader valves by screwing or unscrewing the end of the hose to create the appropriate threaded seal.  Using a hose also reduces the stress on the valve whilst inflating the tyre.

    You’ll see from the packaging that the manufacturer claims a maximum pressure of 260 psi / 17.9 bar.  Forgot about this claim, we only need to be able to inflate to 100 psi / 7 bar as quickly as possible when we are out on the road and this pump fits the bill perfectly.

    Please note that contrary to the manufacturer’s claim, this pump is not being sold as a 260 psi / 17.9 bar pump.  Its intended use is to inflate road bicycle tyres to 100 – 120 psi / 7-8 bar.

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